"Gosh I dare not get too excited but after 3 days on your itchEASE my Friesian WB Llewella has not scratched once today. This is the first day in 12 months she hasn't scratched at least a few times. We've shredded rugs, taken off hunks of skin and flesh, ended up bleeding. Today she is head down bum up graazing relaxed. I'm praying that we may have turned a corner finally." Linda, WA
  "I know I posted a few days ago, but words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I'm so overjoyed, I couldn't imagine having 2 hours in a row rug free for Llewella, let alone 2 days. I've been crying today, I am so happy, and more importantly so is Llew".


Only $44.65 for 1kg